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@dbmarcos99 wrote:

It’ll be interesting to see if the 50 Euro autonomo fee for young people will affect this working on the black.

Moving article here on how educated Spaniards are trying to get around the crisis by changing the focus of their work, and by moving back to the family home to save money, but the high costs of starting a business do not help.

García and Vivar each pay €500 ($675) per month for office rent and social security contributions. They take part in contests for public buildings, as well as Europe-wide bids. But rarely is the prize money enough to cover the cost of drawings and models. They would not survive without the support of their parents.

What a sad and moving article, thanks for that. I remember politicians going on about education, education, education and agreed with the mantra at the time, and may still do.

But if we educate all our young people to degree level, who’s going to drive the buses and build the houses?

Having said that, we’ve got Spanish builders in at the moment and they’re noisy, not just with their banging about, but also with their incessant talking at shouting level. I overheard one of the younger ones today talking about his degree from a northern uni. He was mixing cement at the time.

But I know they’re well paid, because I’m paying them.