Re: Re: Buying apartment in Barcelona now?



Germany and the northern EU countries will no longer allow the southern peripheral states to tolerate tax evasion. Greece is in trouble largely due to tax evasion on an industrial scale and the inability of the state to deal with it.

It’s clear that if EU bailout money is to be used to help these states in financial difficulties they have to clean up their act and enforce their tax laws with accountable rigor. Otherwise no help will be forthcoming.

Spain has always had a relaxed attitude to taxation. When I relocated many years ago from Spain to France I was astonished how the French tax authorities behaved. My business affairs were subjected to many ‘controls’ ( physical inspections by tax inspectors) and I was ordered on two occasions to present myself to the revenue offices for questioning. I had in fact done nothing wrong and could prove it eventually. I had just got used to years of a relaxed tax regime in Spain.

These are the cultural differences which the EU run by France and Germany will impose on the people of Spain and Greece.
Better get used to it. ūüôĀ