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@shakeel wrote:

Hi Flosmichael.
I had started a thread where I was offered by my Bank ( not Santander ) My visit to the Branch was for a banking transaction.

The offer was 100% finance, 0.25 above Euribor for two years. 0.50 for the life of the mortgage. all associated cost paid for. The Bank is not involved further. You deal with the staff. at the sales office. The prices were about €40k above the going rate. ( The block of 140 plus properties had been on offer it needed further capital to up lift the block as it is totaly neglected. The only thing missing was the grafitti.

The sales staff hinted that they will not accept any offer’s. I made an offer on three properties €40k to €50k less than the asking price. Needless to say that I have not heard from them.

I feel what they are providing as an incentive with the mortgage spread over the mortgage period they are expecting to make it on the price i.e. well above the market going rates.
I feel that Santander in UK has very little to do with the Santender in Spain apart from the brand. Even if they did place a monkey behind the organ he/she will not have a clue & will only act as a letter box

Thank you for your answer. Were they offering free closing costs? Or the costs were added to the mortgage?

Another question: I understand that the tax people in Spain do not trust lower acquisition costs and ask for higher sale tax if they think the declared price is too low. Would they trust a sale price declared by a bank better?