Re: Re: Buying a piso in Jaca


Hi ducksoup,

I know Jaca, it is a beatifull place in Aragon, in the mountains, with a lot of options to enjoy in summer and magnificient Ski resort in Winter(I’ve been skiing there)

I guess people doesn’t know it because there is no beach, but I can tell you will no miss it with the rivers and nature, and if you like Ski, I think it is a good choice where you can find some bargain in the currently situation, which sure make profit in future.

I am afraid I can’t help you with prices, but I suggest to visit some website where they inform about average prices, I found one which says that August 2013 was 2,198€/m, which seems a too high for me, as In other sites I found properties about 1,500€/m . Although you know the best is to look through a lot of properties and be patience.

Anyway if you need any help with the purchase process I will be happy to help you.

I hope it helps