Re: Re: Buying a house in spain


As someone who owns near Mojacar I can state what it is like. It’s a nice beachy town, very British but also with a good mix of Spanish.

It has the playa beach and then the small whitewashed pueblo up the hill. There are hotels, restaurants, bars etc. and it is a very popular area. Traffic movement is tricky during the summer months.

My Dad looked at a place there and decided against it. It was one of those little ‘villas’ up away from the beach but there are so many there that it would be impossible to park a hirecar anywhere near.

Would I buy there? Probably not actually to be right in the middle of Mojacar but in a town or the countryside closeby?

I know a lady who does rentals, Wendy, so you’d be wise to check out the competition?

Banks would sell properties for much less but there are few horrible white modern things which must have lots of repos. Yes right on the beachfront but I would hazard a guess that they are really badly built (?)

Spectrum Radio is in Mojacar as well. There are various topics currently such as the lady Mayor which hardly anyone likes who banned dominoes etc. in her quest against noise!

Aren’t banks now only giving 80% mortgages? If you buy a repo from them they’re sure to bite your hand off aren’t they? You’ll be on 5 or 6% interest rate though….?

Personally I’d say DON’T DO IT.

Why don’t you just enjoy renting or staying in a hotel whilst visiting the area… so many Brits would tell you that they wish they weren’t tied down to their spanish property!!!