Re: Re: Buying a house in spain



I remember the present one (and it will be the last one) well. A good few years ago now, everything totally legal, a few million Pesetas counted by the seller in the counting room, the whole transaction oozing respectability. They all knew each other well – local, well respected business people, the whole thing sailed through in a week.

We got the keys along with flowers for my wife, there were more flowers inside the house and we are still friends with the seller, the notary is no longer around, a couple of Russians shot him dead a few years ago, and the bank manager is now in prison.

Whenever I need a good laugh, I have a look at the escritura. During a moment of panic quite recently I took it to show my original solicitor, who is still around, amazingly, he’s a high ranking politician now.

He wasn’t worried. He said, ‘You want to sell, come to me.’