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Fuengi (Andrew)

@spanishsteve wrote:

Thanks for your responses so far. I was told before I saw the property on my first meeting that the agent charges the buyer 10k euros (what do you think of the charge, high?) However, I have not signed anything or said ‘Yes, I will pay you that’. I have only been shown 2 properties, one being the banks, and subsequently given some recommendations re mortgage co (subsidiary of agent). It takes me 4 months to earn that amount ! I’m in the wrong job. I have now found the banks property website where the property is listed 20k euros cheaper as well. Forgive my ignorance but what is DNI?

DNI: spanish identification. you as a non resident (?) will get an NIE

If there is nothing signed, they do not have a leg to stand on.

Go to the bank directly then. It looks like the agency inflated the price so you could make an offer and then feel good that you got the price down. That or the bank has told the agency “we want X amount, anything on top is yours”.