Re: Re: Buy a house for just £1


@Rocker wrote:

When I watched the start of the transformation of Docklands in London, I thought class war was just around the corner. Along the Highway in Stepney you had rough council estates on one side and Yuppie housing on the other, separated by high fencing. But the BMWs and Ford Escorts had to meet in the streets, and I expected a blood bath.

But nothing happened and look at the place now? The council house dwellers were overwhelmed by the Yuppies, sold their scruffy flats to them and moved to Clacton. The same scruffy flats are selling for a million pounds each now, and everybody’s happy.

This was because there is lots of money in London area.

In Liverpool there is no money as the government is happy to see and has the goal that the North West goes totally bankrupt. There is no way that Kensington will ever regenerate.