Re: Re: Brits Holding Spanish Residency And UK Homes Too!



Only you can decide as you know your circumstances best. However, I would not sell my house in UK and buy in Spain. If for reason of health,family etc you need to return to you UK you will not be able to buy, specially if it is London that you wish to buy, Besides the price, due to your age, lack of job you will not find many lenders offering an interest only mortgage & if you take a repayment mortgage your monthly payment will be very high. In short it looks like you will be burning your boats

Besides, above on the economic cycle Britain is ahead of the curve and the curve has just started moving north. Good luck in whatever you you do.

The grass always green on the other side. Irrespective of the number years you have been holidaying in Spain living there is a different story.

I would rent first for a longer period in the area that you want to live and see how it goes. I