Re: Re: British Sellers and the Euro


Chris M

@katy wrote:

I think we should take a step back and review what happened to the spanish property market. Has everyone forgotten the market was in the doldrums long before the fall in Sterling and long before the recession. đŸ˜® Since then there was even more bad publicity last year. I just don’t think there are lots of British out there waiting for the pound to go up…a trickle yes but not a deluge

It certainly isn’t a deluge no, but it is a good bit more than a trickle, and would be a consistent flow, perhaps 1998 type levels – a normal market – if the rate were to stabalise between 1.25-1.30 and the winners, would not be the developers or the banks I feel, the winners would be the resale vendors who’s time has come.

They have the real value homes that people want to buy.

So even Logan might have to wait a few years yet before there is a batch of units to buy and twist to make a profit.