Re: Re: British government to help expats in Spanish property sc



Sensible Comment to the Telegraph article:

“Yes there were and are scams but too many foriegners, especially unfortunately British, leave their brains or at least their commom sense at the UK airport of departure. Many of the pitfalls can be easily avoided when buying here in Spain by ensuring that you first do your homework, read the books on buying in Spain, then read them again. Always find yourself an independant bi-lingual lawyer in Spain before commiting to any property deal or parting with any money. As in the UK beware of estate agents and developers’ claims. These problems have been around for ages, yet people still fall for offers by developers to use their lawyers to save money. No-one would do this in the UK. Always have older properties surveyed and have your lawyer check the documents out for the deeds (Escritura) , make sure that there are no debts attached to the house (unpaid debts from a previous owner can be charged against the house) etc. etc. just as you would in the UK. Plans here have to be approved not only by the local authority but the Regional one as well. Plans have to have been inspected by the College of Architects. Look after your own interests, don’t let a developer or his estate agent do it for you. Life here is good, taking care on your property purchace will make it very good.”

All prospective buyers should be aware of this, unless they want to throw money down the drain.