Re: Re: British expats must declare overseas assets



The new Directive recently notified to me by Winchams intends to cover much more exchanges of information including Spain and UK.This will make it easier for the Spanish to get enforce the new declaration for property.It reinforces the need to get no residente staus if you have a UK property as soon as you get your Spanish property by paying the no residente annual tax observing the 182 day limit keeping travel tickets and making sure to do the annual return to HMRC to keep up your UK tax status. If you have assets outside EU possibly no problem -otherwise maybe now you have to keep assets that are not registered anywhere kruggerands and small gold bars maybe -gold is cheaper now-might it get cheaper -could it stay cheaper ? Will Draghi join the QE and we get global currency debasement -will American economic growth depend upon perpetual Fed stimulus ? -if so buy gold. Plenty of gold dealers in London – not heard of any in Canarias -maybe a few little shops.