Re: Re: British expats must declare overseas assets


IMO tax avoidance straddles a very wide moral spectrum, from laudable schemes intended to promote behaviour which will hopefully deliver some kind of social or economic benefit to the UK, to aggressive avoidance which is devoid of any morality whatsoever. I mean schemes where the sole intention is to make profits or income seem to disappear as far as the UK tax authorities are concerned a la Jimmy Carr, Costas, Amazon etc. etc.

In cases of aggressive corporate UK tax avoidance, which is evasion in all but name, I would not only like to see naming and shaming, which is already starting to happen, but also aggressive government action (maybe a negative advertising campaign) designed to drive down their business in the UK and thus give their UK tax paying competitors the chance to take their customers.

The truth is that multi nationals who drive down their UK tax bills in this way, which UK based companies are not allowed to do, have an unfair advantage on those UK based companies. It needs to be addressed.

The right to privacy is all very well and should never be taken away just for the sake of it but that right is all too often abused by those acting illegally and, or immorally and using it as a cloak. Maybe if someone doesn’t want their neighbours to know what they are up to fiscally then maybe they shouldn’t be up to it.

OK, Monday morning rant over, doesn’t really have anything to do with Spanish property anyway.