Re: Re: British expats must declare overseas assets



Interesting post Ardun. I am against all forms of tax evasion but not legal avoidance, there is a big difference. My issue with your system in Sweden is privacy. I would not want any Tom, Dick or Harry knowing how much I earn and where I earn it. I suppose it’s a cultural thing but it seems unacceptable to me.

Personal privacy is becoming harder and harder to achieve these days. Your system must make Swedish society very different to the rest of Europe. I see your payroll tax rates are around 40% and almost 60% for individuals. How on earth does business deal with that? 🙁

Perhaps people in the end are just happy to pay for their egalitarian, social paradise.

BTW Jake this new Spanish law ‘aint any big deal. You will not be taxed twice on asset holdings and pay tax you should.