Re: Re: British expats must declare overseas assets


Logan the only “positive” thing with it is that its impossible for private people to get away with not paying your taxes and you automaticly get 9 million spies. The national passtime is to check how much your co-worker/neighbour makes. The only ones cheating with taxes in this country are businesses. There are so many loopholes to the EU-data protection law so you can just check the box that you are a company and then do searches online. A real advantage is that its easy to check up on people if you are buying or selling something online. Otherwise the government releases books with this data that you can use in the library or order home. All heil the state.

Luckily in the last 20 years we have become much less socialistic. We had such a huge advantage in not being dragged into the world wars but we still managed to screw it all up and during the 90s we where on the verge of bankruptcy. It was so bad that you actually had to pay more in taxes then you earned in extreme cases. Who would work under such conditions? Astrid Lindgren wrote a satirical story about the party she had supported her whole life and did to her death. They lost for the first time in 40 years because of it.