Re: Re: British Embassy in Madrid issues warning to property buy


You have to wonder where the British Embassy were during the crooked boom days on the Costas 🙄

There are still plenty of mis-selling agents and Developers in Spain, dodgy lawyers still being recommended by them, dodgy TV programmes and exhibitions promoting ‘now is the time for Brits to buy’ when it clearly is still not the case.

Even a British lawyer friend of ours who amongst other things did a lot of conveyancing of Spanish property with his contacts and Spanish speaking, also fell foul of the Spanish property minefield and scams after he’d bought his own Spanish property despite his rigorous checks. Now his property has depreciated by some 50% in value and, he’s also had to pay the Town Hall extra money to legalise his paperwork 🙄

Just makes you wonder if an expert gets shafted, will Spain ever be safe to buy in ❓