Re: Re: British Embassy advice before you buy property in Spain


Soon, you will be on the honour’s list. All very sound advise & typical of the body who can write volumes but little or no practical help e.g find an independent lawyer, obtain a guarantee how does one do this. When a buyer a new built and putting a deposit there is no guarantee document issued. Besides at this stage and until such time as the notary is involved the guarantee will not be issued. A buyer may have paid upto 40% of the price at this stage. Further is the foreign office going to provide a list of Banks that do not honour the guarantees !!!

If they have a list of lawrers than they should vet them. Anything less than taking a collective action on behalf of the people being affected at all level is just a waste of time as far as the buyers are concerned.

Ten year’s build guantee/warranty. Does anybody knows who gives this ? Where does it state in the contract. Once the block is complete the Developers are not seen & even durig the completion phase even the snaggings are not done.