Re: Re: British couple jailed over non-existent paella


@katy wrote:

One Spaniard refers to the place as Mafioso, place has plenty of bad reviews. The waiter says they drank a lot…he would wouldn’t he 🙄 A middle class couple on a cycling holiday…not actually your average boozer in Torremolinos are they. Anyway we have Marcos on the case trying his best to rubbish the story. :mrgreen:

I wonder why Paella is priced for 2 in lots of places. If it’s made fresh that’s fine but it rarely is. Establishments who do a fresh one usually have a sign saying 45 mins or more wait.

Not a case of trying to “rubbish” a story – just pointing out we don’t know all the facts. Well the only established fact is that Geoff Cox + party refused to pay their bill – and they admitted that. What happened after is one persons word against another.

Can’t see how being a “cyclist” means we should believe they are obviously innocent. I’ve known some aggressive cyclists out there. Middle-class? Again – we read of murderers from good backgrounds. Or is it because they’re from Surrey, that we should take the “knee-jerk” obviously innocent line you’re insisting upon… Unless you personally know the guy (maybe you met at a ukip meeting 😆 ) how do you know what he’s capable of on a night out?