Re: Re: British couple jailed over non-existent paella


@katy wrote:

but the only specific thing I have said about Geoff Cox and his party, is that they refused to pay the bill required by the restaurant. You will find that he’s accepted that this happened, but that they got annoyed by the inability of the waiter to explain the bill.

That’s your account Marcos but that is not what the man said

We pointed out the extra paella and the waiter went off like a firecracker,” said retired hosiery salesman Mr Cox, who is in his 50s.

We put down €105 and said we would pay that, but he wanted €120.

It got a bit ugly and when he said he would call the police we said, ‘Right, fine’, because we were certain they would side with us.”

But when officers arrived, the pair found themselves in the middle of a scuffle which saw Mr Cox’s glasses broken and both Brits arrested.

According to HIS OWN WORDS, they refused to pay the bill. Putting a portion of money on the table is not paying the bill. This is the one fact we know for sure about that night

If the waiter had explained that politely, we would no doubt have been a bit disappointed and paid. But he didn’t – instead he got very angry very quickly. An argument ensued, and when we put 105 euros on the table, the waiter refused them and didn’t hesitate to bring out the rest of the staff who hung about looking menacing to stop us leaving. After 15 minutes or so arguing, the waiter called the police. When they arrived, they were as bad as the waiter – aggressively told us to pay and started demanding ID. We were in a difficult place – to give in or stand our ground. We choose the later.