Re: Re: British blogger unlikely economic sage


@sunwind wrote:

……as we were never asked to give up our “Deutsche Mark”

Find that ironic as it was Germany’s politicians who were instrument in coming up with the bl***y Euro idea in the first place.

Incidentally, if it’s any consolation, we never asked Gordon Brown to sneak over to Portugal and sign us up to the Lisbon Treaty either.

Unfortunately most of Europe now lives under a totally-undemocratic dictatorship, no matter who we vote for in our individual countries. Our so-called leaders’ hands are tied like a trussed-up cow, to be branded with a big fat EU logo. Personally I hope the whole experiment falls down the pan so one day we can all get back to running our own countries. America and Canada happily trade together despite having their own laws, currencies and borders – the EU only serves to keep the elite running the whole thing in silk suits and an expensive lifestyle.

If they genuinely wanted to save money they could, for a start, let their insanely-expensive offices in Strasbourg become a ‘European University’. Bouncing around once a month between there and Brussels (and their ‘expenses’ involved in this farce) just about epitomises how ridiculous these people are.

It’s no coincidence that the currencies of countries like Norway and Switzerland are doing well, the EU are not able to stick their nose in their business. Between the Spanish politicians, the corruption mind-set and being tied to the Euro experiment I can’t see Spain getting back on its feet anytime soon.