Re: Re: Britain’s economic catastrophe in the year 2015



Seems to me there will be copyright problems for Mark if this stuff he posts in full doesn’t have a link. It doesn’t read like the posters own words.

There is always some “expert” trying to talk housing markets up/down. Some have been talking the UK market down for at least 20 years and it never happened as bad as they predicted. We recently sold this house withing a week and for more than the asking price. Ok. it is a blue chip village with a direct line to Waterloo but it takes 50 mins! 2 months ago 2 new semis went on the market, little boxes with a carpet sized garden, albiet nice views over fields and forest. They were sold within 1 month at £525,000 each 🙄 Some places such as Hull are in the doldrums but friends from the North recently sold within 2 months at a good price. Buyers are just more choosy on locations. The main problem now seems to be the 20% deposit required which is hitting first time buyers and lack of confidence but that won’t always be so.

One reason for Brits not buying into the Spanish market is the majority just aren’t interested anymore. The ones who are tend to live in council houses and dream……

Mortgage lending in the UK was up compared with last July.