Re: Re: Britain’s economic catastrophe in the year 2015



@logan wrote:

Mark for gawds sake ban Jakesuper. Think I’ll start a campaign on Facebook.

If anyone could predict with any accuracy how the British, French or any other economy will perform in 2015 they would either reside on a cloud with a long grey beard playing a harp or be considered a total idiot.


So you want this forum to just consist of people wanting to talk up the Spanish property market. It is obvious when you look at the property websites like rightmove, idealista, fotocasa, kyero and so on that the Spanish properties on sale are still way over priced and the asking prices that you see are clearly absurd and should be 50% to 70% lower than advertised to be more realistic given the disasterous economic situation of Spain.

All I am doing is warning people not to buy property in Spain because property prices are still way too high despite the recent falls and anyone buying now is buying into a falling market. There is so much over supply of property available that this combined with the dire economic situation in Spain means that properties should be on sale at a lot lower price than they currently are. I am also warning people of the poor build quality and shoddy workmanship of many properties that were built during the boom. People should steer well clear of buying property in Spain for at least three to four years because by then property prices will have become more realistic to reflect the harsh reality of life in Spain.