Re: Re: Britain’s economic catastrophe in the year 2015



Jakesuper’s posts or should I say copied bollocks are the most hilarious joke. He/she simply copies any written texts which suits an obsecure purpose. We should name him ‘Jake the Obscure’ with apologies to Thomas Hardy.

Mark for gawds sake ban Jakesuper. Think I’ll start a campaign on Facebook. 👿

If anyone could predict with any accuracy how the British, French or any other economy will perform in 2015 they would either reside on a cloud with a long grey beard playing a harp or be considered a total idiot.

Multi – national companies employ at huge salaries ‘experts’ to predict how markets will perform in a few months time. Even that is inaccurate but it’s done simply to calculate investment risk.

Ask anyone of these experts, and some are very clever people how a particular economy or market will perform in 2015 and they will tell you it’s impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy. Some things in life are just unknown thank the gods.

Imagine if we knew when natural disasters, economic catastrophes or personal calamities were due to occur. It would be a very changed world and one which I would not wish to live in. The unexpected makes life worthwhile.

We have one more unknown here Jakesuper’s reason for being! Speculation please. 😆