Re: Re: Booming local markets in a national bust



would you move to East Croydon just because you worked there?

I would have had no problem living in Croydon – it’s not all New Addington, there are decent areas too and you can buy a property with garden for a very decent price, half that you’d pay in many other London boroughs. It’s only 15 minutes to the centre of London by train, and if you do need a posher address you can always move to Coulsden or Wimbledon next door.
Point about Alcorcon is they are going to need a lot of rental space, initially for the construction workers, but later for the couriers/bar-staff/security people etc. It’s not so much that families are going to be buying places there (more likely they’ll be wanting to move out) but the buy-to-let people will be interested both there and in surrounding areas like Mostoles.