Re: Re: Blast from the past!


Chris M

@angie wrote:

Chris, you may know who might be behind this hopefully.

A friend of mine has rec’d an email from The Big Spanish Sale. They allow you to choose ‘View this Content’ where nothing comes up, or ‘View all content from Sender’ which has not been tried in case of scam/virus etc. There doesn’t appear to be a website for them!

They said my friend’s email was on their database, what do you/anyone think of this.

Am sorry never heard of it, but I have various alter egos registered myself on various sites, and am alarmed at the amount of unsolicited email these addresses receive, from companies they have never registered with.

No website involved, well then yes, looks very dodgy to me, I sometimes know who people are by the design and layout of their mail, especially if it relates to the CDS, but haven’t a clue from this.