Re: Re: Blast from the past!

Chris M

@brianc_li wrote:

Didn’t Mark have a sticky at the top of this forum for a long time advising us not to discuss XXX?
Can one assume that their solicitors got to him?

If you delete the initials in your post above, then we are just discussing an article in the Olive Press, solicitors though can get to everyone, especially on all forums such as this, as this and others can be highly prejudicial, inflammatory and defaming to an unbelievable degree.

Companies, individuals and industries can be hugely affected by ill informed, inaccurate or downright slanderous comment, however my view on that is, it is no worse than happens down the pub, and at least you have an option to become involved, but I can quite understand why some companies just wouldn’t even try, and therefore resort to legal action or more normally a simple request to have their name removed.

I am worried though if literally hundreds of people are signing up to protest against one company, and I understand the company was itself mentioned by an MP in the House of Commons not so long ago with a call for some sort of investigation or official enquiry, so this link was a valuable one because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise, so perhaps we don’t need to use the company name or initials, and we can then stay up to date.

Am worried about where this all leads to though.