Re: Re: Blast from the past!


Chris M

@angie wrote:

It really puts you off buying abroad, who can you trust, even word of mouth must make it difficult for the remaining good guys in estate agency?

Well, being in a glass house, I can’t throw any stones, or make claim to be in the remainder, but you got that damn straight.

Truly depressing.

@angie wrote:

Good on The Olive Press though, the only Spanish paper for expats which tells the truth and reveals the scams. 🙄

Believe it not Angie, they actually had a pop at me once, back in their early days, most unfairly I thought because they didn’t at least contact me first, but we had a chat and I thought they were very nice people, and they just promised to contact me in future, which was fair enough – no need for libel lawyers, well hardly ever I think.

Having said that, will probably have a bum full of buckshot from them next week! 😉

They do seem to be quite fearless though, and my wife was actually enjoying reading their paper when she was over, which is a rarity for the English press we have. They are very brave but it will be a challenge to always stay responsible with it I suppose.