Re: Re: Blast from the past!


I am truly amazed that in this day and age with all the news around that anyone anywhere believes they will get a guaranteed rental income or a resale at a considerably higher price!

Any supposed guarantee rental systems will have the rental amount already built into the price, one way or the other. Either on top of the actual selling price, so it can be given back to the buyer (minus any actual rental monies made over the term) or already in the purchase price!

These scams make more work for us as people look for established agencies with a good reputation and who dont look like they are about to run off with their hard earned.

All deposits should stay with the buyers lawyers, without question, as lawyers can ensure terms of contracts are adhered to.

Use your own lawyer or one recommended by a friend, or who has a good reputation – they are out there.

Use your own mortgage broker or fiercely independent one who will advise you correctly.

Luckily thousands of people have done and are happy but my goodness, these reports make my blood boil!

Im certainly glad the Olive Press had the balls to report this though!