Re: Re: BBC TV channels gone according to this article!


British TV licence fee payers go on holiday to Spain. They even spend the winter months there. Why should they not watch the BBC if they wish when away? :They could not care less if expats watch without paying.

All these EU rights laws are stupid. Free movement of capital and labour does not extend to the air waves. My phone provider in France charges me €52 a month for international roaming. If you travel in Europe now you need a pocket full of SIM cards. The EU screwed up capping phone rate charges. Same with TV rights issues. That is why the beeb and free to air channels have moved to a new footprint. The EU rights costs are enormous and they are looking to avoid any potential legal costs…

There is no such thing as a free market in media in Europe and the EU Commission should stop meddling with more regulation. Let the market decide.