Re: Re: BBC TV channels gone according to this article!



I’am not sure this is a complicated as may be suggested, if you can’t receive satellite signals any more then you will need a bigger disc, the problem here is of course knowing what size dish you will need, if you have a neighbour with a 2.4m dish and it’s working then you need to decide if you want can afford/site one, the problem only really becomes guesswork if no one is receiving any signal, then it’s an expensive game as you could fork out for a 3.1m dish and still need a larger one, there are sites on the web with reception reports from areas along with dish size, the will give you an idea of what you need.

IPTV will need around 3mb speeds to start working with often more than 10mb for HD so unless you have unlimited date or a good allowance and these speeds it’s not for you, if all the you have the speeds and the data then as has been said a VPN etc with your ipad, PC, smartphone connected to your tv will work fine, filmon will work without a VPN in the same way as will a IPTV box, this is just replacing the iPad, PC etc, these can be picked up on eBay form under £50, radio is easy, there are loads of radio apps for these devices and they are not blocked , only live sport sometimes