Re: Re: bars on windows


It is not a ‘gross misrepresentation’. Unless I and many others I know are just unlucky.
In truth ex-pats don’t like discussing this subject because it bursts ‘the dream’ and worries them.
I know from my own primary experience that crime is a problem in Spain. It only gets reported if an insurance claim is likely. The police don’t bother to even investigate just record.
Immigrants from North Africa and eastern Europe come to Spain with criminal intent because they know the chances of being caught are low.
I don’t say all all immigrants are criminals only a large number are responsible for crime.
The first question I was asked by the Guardia last time I was mugged in August last year was ‘were they Moroccan?
I questioned the Guardia on the amount of crime committed in the area. They showed me a huge pile of crime reports for a small coastal town in Andalusia for that summer alone.
Crime is a fact of life anywhere you go in the world. However the poster wanted to know about the risks of property crime. Now he knows.