Re: Re: bars on windows


@logan wrote:

Crime is a fact of life anywhere you go in the world. However the poster wanted to know about the risks of property crime. Now he knows.

“Now he knows”…. All the poster knows is what you have told him, but what you say is a gross misinterpretation of a huge area of of Spain. Maybe in Andalucia the crime rate is high in empty properties, but it certainly has never happened to my property in the catalonia region. And I am yet to meet someone in my area that has been broken into on numerous occasions, or on one occasion for that matter!
Ultimately you get what you pay for. You live in an expensive area in the south of France so do not have as much crime. My home in Spain is based in an expensive area so the crime rate is not high. If you buy a cheap shack in some run down area at 50% off the peak price just to get a bargain, then expect problems ahead! The place will probably be riddled with crime and that is why you are getting a bargain to start with!
My comments are not silly or ill informed. I think yours are!