Re: Re: Barcelona Touristic Appartments – No new licenses


While I don’t know any of the specifics of this suspension, there are a few dynamics at play.

One is the hotel industry using their influence to limit these types of licenses.

Another reason is that many of us who live in buildings in which some owners have decided to do short-term tourist rentals are tired of the abuse. I didn’t purchase my flat in an ‘apart-hotel’. Our situation is extreme – the young tourists has a very large party (70 people) last Saturday. The police were called by several occupants and a party was ended by them. But not without vomit in the stairwells, about 20 cigarette ends on my terrace, broken bottles in the building’s entry-hall, etc. We are working to ensure that this won’t happen again. Apparently after the third time the police are called, there are some extreme measure that can be taken against the owner of the flat. We didn’t call the police as we want to be somewhat tolerant, but from now on, we will call at first sign of a nuisance.

And yet another reason is that there is a very strong anti-tourism sentiment in Barcelona right now. See this: