Re: Re: Barcelona buying process questions!



Hi again fjamvj,

You asked about the physical transfer of money.

I was always advised on a bankers draft. As this equates to cash. I understand that the money needs to be exchanged on signature therefore needs to paid at the same point in time.

In the UK, solicitors have a client bonded account, where money can be kept by a trusted third party. Only released once both clients are happy. But I don’t think this system exists in Spain, but I may be wrong.

dalorgar’s reply was correct and knowledgable, so maybe he would know the answer?

(One piece of advice though, never transfer any money before signature. The seller can change their mind or simply not turn up to the first signing).

You asked if information was made clear by the seller. Usually no, and even if it was, don’t trust the information. It may be true and honest but it’s your lawyers job to check all the details throughly. A good lawyer will make certain there are no binding issues.

Regarding the 1% trick as dalorgar stated only agree prices / offers verbally. And your lawyer can do this for you.

Don’t be pressured to make any irregular payments. There is always a phantom third party making another offer – according to the estate agent.

Gary made some good points, regarding sellers and sellers’ agents incompetency. Never deal with the seller’s contracts or paperwork. This will naturally be biased in their favour. Your lawyer should draw up the initial relevant paperwork to protect you, and the final deed is a neutral contract overseen by a notario.

Remember Barcelona is a buyer’s market now, and you hold the power. You can call the shots. Good luck!