Re: Re: Bank Repossessions – Offers



I have enough material to do a Phd on the subject. Besides ego issues. I had been told by the Banks that my offer was an insult, when I told them that was my offer & frankly the price that they were asking was an insult to me & the other prospective buyers. Further I have the cash and I am the King and they can make a counter offer. Sadly they lack commercial maturity.

You can make an offer they will not come back to you with a counter offer. In so far as the pressure to sell, I am not sure if this is the case as they would all be transfered to the bad Bank, lock stock & barrell and knowing the Spanish they will sell it a lower price to a Bad bank etc. If this protects their ego !!!!.

Advise to buy from the Bank & not the agent is a sound one. Atleast in theory the commission that the Bank has to pay to the Agent can be built into the price that they will have to consider to accept or not.

Please keep in mind that the tax authorities may not accept the price paid and charge you a deemed price plus the penalty and where the block & its gardens etc have been ignored. The buyers have to pay for them at some date to bring upto standard. Ofcourse this could be in 000’s