Re: Re: Bank Repossessions – Offers



“I think they’re all waiting to see what the Banco Malo will do when they take over the toxic assets from the other banks”

That may be the current position. They the Banks have been acting in this manner before there was talk of bad bank or even the idea was floated.

“Currently, very few estate agents take on repossessions, for various reasons.”

I can accept this with my own experience it is a waste of time. Most Agent cannot rely on the whim’s of the Bank. While their own bills have to paid & the family has to be fed.

“some even admit they don’t want to trade on other people’s misery”
Now this is rich/curious one coming from Agents !!!!!!!!!!. Besides, properties previously occupied by families (even these, if one agent does not wish to sell another one will ) Where is the misery for the developers ?? & people who bought for speculation.