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…… Well, you can read the outcome of the Committee’s deliberations here.
See No. 12 on the page and click on ‘en’ in the Languages column.

Underneath Suzanne’s petition on the same page at No. 12 you will see the results of my own personal petition. In each case we are being referred back to the Spanish Justice system/Banking institution where we are told our cases can be dealt with. This appears to be the bog standard reply to every one of us who have petitioned in the European Parliament – and, when you think about it, has been the reply from every agency to which protests have been made whether they were Spanish authorities or UK authorities….Ruth

Just to clarify – there is as yet no outcome from the EU to the Spanish Property Scandal Petition & it is still well & truly open. The EU response referred to was an initial one, referring only to bank guarantees. There are still many other issues to be addressed; not least the crucial role of the lawyers in enabling the mess that many of us are still in, many years later.