Re: Re: Bank aid comes with conditions.


I agree with Shakeel. Those I know who work in the bank work there because of their Papa, Mama or suchlike got them in there…. or because their husband is a bank manager so she ended up as one as well (!?). Others are nice guys, trained as solicitors, but found more work at a bank. Or better, easier pay at the bank? They’ve earn’t enough compared to all but politicians over the past few years so I will join in and not be sad to see many of them go.

The corruption of those at all levels of the banking system is very much to blame. The fact that they earn’t commission for absolutely everything meant that they over-pushed all the products and have left so many people in misery.

On one report I saw that the banks are allowed to take up to FIVE years to get rid of people…. so it’s not a ‘disaster’ compared to so many people who have lost their jobs with no notice.

It’s crazy that the EU are giving money to the banks in the first place without any guarantees. They’ll probably all pocket the cash and then the whole situation will continue as it has been!?