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Its the season of goodwill to all men.
Including agents, bankers, developers, builders and solicitors.

That’s fine if it was a two-way street, but it’s not.

As for tales of woe, though it may irk you there are those of us who are simply trying to keep eyes wide open. You’re free to write your tales of joy – no-one’s stopping you.

It may be of some surprise to you if you had read my posts as I have been the subject of the corrupt practices of agents builders and solicitors.
This has cost me over 100K so far and rising with legal costs to recover my losses.
However I will not let these sharks destroy my life or allow it to interfere with my relationships with family and friends.
I am dissapointed that I fell foul of these scams following a lifetime of working hard and saving for our future.
I still have joy in my life I believe that most are basically honest and continue to lead my life in my own way.
I will purchase a property in Spain as I love the country and its people, but that is my choice.
Constantly bleating about my misfortune will not change my life or my bank balance.
All I can say is as before vive la difference.