Re: Re: Article in OPP Bulletin – Spanish Banks stifling agents


Actually you are both wrong:
1. I know several builders who have offered 10% commissions on the CDS
2. There are plenty of agents both North and South of the CB demanding (yes demanding), nothing less than 15%. The problem is you think that only the brits buy in Spain when there are currently plenty of Russian, Polish and Dutch agents in the area.

I won’t get into a CB vs CDS war here, but places like Fuengirola, Torremolinos are still part of the CDS right? Its not all Marbella and Ronda in the CDS while its not all Torrevieja in CB.

Nevertheless, I still believe you get what you pay for and people are savvy enough to know that size, areas and quality all influence the price. You want something big, seaviews and with the lates modcons…hey, pay for it!
If you think 100.000 € for a 65sq metre apartment, walking to the beach in Torrevieja is too much, then I think perhaps you should look elsewhere for your place in the Sun.