Re: Re: Article in OPP Bulletin – Spanish Banks stifling agents


Correct dartboy. These are known as manufactured homes in the USA., similar to mobile homes in the UK. Most of them will have lots of defects and many will be in not so nice scrap cars in drives etc.

I don’t have any interest in “talking up” the Florida market, neither did I the spanish one when I had an expensive property. Browsing the web there would appear to be many bargains in most countries, they are for dreamers. Lots of “fincas” in Spain for around 40,000. In reality they need gutting and when another 80,000 or so is spent renovating them your neighbours will be Gypsies or the bottom of the pile.

Rocker the only possible way to live in Florida legally is to buy a business and get an E-2 visa. Have a look at