Re: Re: Article in OPP Bulletin – Spanish Banks stifling agents


@Rocker wrote:

Imagine, you could sell your 65 square metre apartment on the sea front in Torrevieja, and for the money buy at least three, three-bedroom detached houses, with a pool, in a gated community in Florida!
And if you bought three of those large houses in Florida, you could rent out the other two. I hope for some more information from the experts, can you get round the immigration laws?

In your dreams 😆

I do have first hand information on Naples Florida. Prices have dropped but not all that much. Many bargains on sale on the web are either condos that no-one ever wanted or homes in way off areas. (Similar to what has been built in Spain during the past 5 years.)Others are in undesirable areas where no sane person would live. Even then prices are not as low as you think. If there were I would consider buying more, our Florida house 3/2 with pool nets us $33,600 after taxes and agents fees and has been rented by the same person for over two years.

Unlike some I do not claim to know the whole of USA but I find there are a lot of internet myths. Bit like when people visit Spain and expect to find all these 50% bargains after what the forums and EA’s have been telling them.