Re: Re: Are the property sold by banks safe? Do banks take offer


GJ you really are a head banger.

I suggested annual long tern renting because people always say that their reason they buy a holiday home is they want to create a home from home in Spain. Have their own things there to enhance their experience etc, etc.

Renting annually long term allows you to do that without the enormous capital risk, and being stuck in a place you no longer enjoy, paying community charges, council tax and non residents taxes. The monthly rent pales into insignificance alongside the costs and risks of buying. Invested capital would almost pay the costs.

If you don’t like it give a months notice and find somewhere else. Simple.

Of course you have to be sure you can spend sufficient time there to justify it. As Chopera said people can work that out for themselves.

In my opinion it’s a great opportunity largely created by the over building, people buying and making a financial mistake and the decade past of boom and bust. It’s an ill wind indeed that blows nobody any good.