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the point is there are some desperate owners prepared to rent out their flats/town houses for very little
Not arguing with that Angie. In fact if someone is thinking of buying to live in Spain I would suggest rent first unless they have considerable knowledge of the market and the area.
But to suggest renting long term for a holiday home for 3/4 visits is SILLY

Doesn’t it depend on how long those visits are? If each visit lasts say 2 or 3 months then it makes sense to me.

So lets see 4 visits for 3 months errrrrrrrrrr!!!

I think that will work as well 😆 😆

Yeah I wrote “If each visit lasts say 2 or 3 months…” with the implication that if someone visits 4 times then the average length of stay would be less than 3 months, and if someone visits only 3 times it could be more. I assumed most people could work that out for themselves. Please accept my apologies.