Re: Re: Are the property sold by banks safe? Do banks take offer

Chopera wrote:

I really can’t say. It depends on how many flats there are (the more flats, the more the costs get spread around) and also how inclined the neighbours are to spend money on maintenance. Also if it has shared heating (calefacción central) then that should be included in the fees. In Madrid I’d guess in an old 2 bed flat without calefacción central I’d expect to pay about 50€/month, I currently live in a 4 bed flat (no pool but with calefacción central) and pay €135/month.

Thank you again.

Considering that the costs for maintenance are 50€/month, what are the other annual/monthly taxes that one needs to pay for a block of flats apartment?

Also, are the Spanish banks replying by email/phone to any inquiries regarding their properties or one needs to visit their branches in person?