Re: Re: Arana de Mijas, Promociones Arana Sur, Costa del Sol



To Charlie, Claire and Pippiedan,
Thank you so much for your quick and very helpful replies. I’m afraid I placed far too much trust in my Malaga lawyer last year (but well, I was paying the firm a lot of money to protect my interests!). I was very disappointed with their performance despite the firm being ‘highly rated’ both in England and Spain (a bad joke). Like pippedan my contract mentions the bank guarantee and ASEFA by name and I shall certainly be using Lawyers in Spain from now on. I thought that Antonio’s reply to pippiedan’s original query was exemplary.
Claire and Charlie, I received nothing at all from my lawyer in the way of paperwork about bank guarantees/insurance. I have contacted the law firm by email today and I will telephone on Monday.
I could whinge on for a long time about how disappointing my lawyer was but there’s no point. Suffice to say that I am expecting that they will demand a fee for providing a copy of the policy.
I will add a further post later.
My appreciation again and kind regards.