Re: Re: Arana de Mijas by Developer Promociones Arana Sur, S.L.H



I was very interested in the question from Pippiedan and Antonio’s extremely helpful reply. I am in a similar situation. I saw the beginning of the Spanish property collapse – I received no communication from the developers at Arana de Mijas for nearly a year – the construction was 8 months over schedule and I withdrew from the purchase. I had paid a 20% deposit (about 60,000 euros) to Andalucian Dream Homes who are now liquidated.
I feel after reading Antonio’s post that:
a. I should do something to recover my deposit as the developer was guilty of a breach of contract (as verified of course by my solicitor) and the failure to communicate anything to me at all either by the developer or Andalucian Dream Homes was appalling
b. I feel my money might well be wasted if I resort to law. I note well Antonio’s points about changes in the exchange rate (they did benefit me in the end) and perhaps that waiting 8 months would not be regarded by a Spanish court as long enough.

Knowing that Antonio has other clients taking legal action against the developer, could Antonio or Pippedan or any other of the Arana de Mijas litigants or interested parties please update me on develoments and lend me their advice? Many thanks.