Re: Re: Anyone looking for a bargain in this market?



@mark wrote:

Is there anyone looking to buy in this market, hoping to find a bargain? If so, what’s your general impression as you do your research and look around? Are you seeing falls in asking prices? Are you starting to see bargains, or at least reasonable value, or are vendors still dreaming in bubble-land?


I looking for bargains.

Main problems:

1. As stated if they are cheap, they are usually cheap for a reason.
2. As stated people with a mortgage will only go so low.
3. The exchange rate is unfavourable for a buyer.
4. Banks criteria for buying has changed so has the cost of borrowing.
5. It takes time/money to bargain hunt and ‘true’ bargains are soon snapped up.

Yes prices are falling, but the ER counts for certain amount (large percentage) of it.