Re: Re: Any problems with top floor apartments?


I bought a sobreatico last August. It does not have any common walls and we are installing insulation.

When it is mildly windy on the street, it can be very windy on the 9th floor. But it is not a problem for me.

Also, if there is a community terrace above your top-floor apartment, that may be annoying from noise, parties, etc. In our building, there is a community terrace above us, but it is for utilities such as air conditioners, parabolic dish (TV antenna), etc.

One other problem – if the elevator stops working, we have a lot of steps to climb.

Regarding weather damage, we have none. If any of the exterior walls are exposed brick, it would be better if they are sprayed with foam and covered with sheets of metal.

I wouldn’t trade my apartment for anything – we have wonderful views.