Re: Re: Any problems with top floor apartments?


That’s interesting chopera about your parents house and heating bills. It does work, we have a newish eco house which is so well insulated that if we turn the heating to 12-14 degrees only, and all day in the Winter, the thermostat reading for the rest of the house goes up to around 20 degrees somehow. There are some pipes under the ground floor which warm the floor up so think it’s because of this. Just 2 solar/daylight hot water panels on the roof gives us piping hot water 74 C (fitted with anti scald system too) from April to October with no gas or electric used, and from October to April it still gets up to 30 C in the cylinder from grey days, so a 15 minute whizz of the boiler and it’s hot again 60 C. It’s a Vaillant system and brilliant. Dual fual gas and electric bills are really low, and this in the UK. 😛